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one kid’s trash is another pup’s treasure 😄 #aussie #australianshepherd

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stop and smell the twigs #aussie #australianshepherd

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morning walkies #aussie #australianshepherd

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5. Do It Yourself

Can you change the oil in your car? Fix a plumbing leak? Do your taxes? Make your own gifts? Change the tire on your bicycle? Bake a cake from scratch? Build a bookshelf? Refinish furniture? Plant a garden? Hem a pair of pants? Cut your family’s hair? Form your own nonprofit corporation? It used to be that we learned basic life skills from our parents in the process of growing up. The. The Industrial Revolution put our parents in factories and, after the passing of child labor and mandatory public education laws, put us in schools. Next our grandparents were put in rest homes, removing the people who traditionally taught life skills to the children while the parents worked. Eventually home economics and shop classes had to be incorporated in the curriculum as supplements to the ever-decreasing skill-nourishment we got home. By the 1970s it was no longer fashionable for mothers to stay at home with their children. By the 1980s many couples assumed it wasn’t even possible, economically, for either parent to stay home with their children. Is it any wonder that the only way we know how to take care of ourselves in the twenty-first century is to be consumers of goods and services provided by others? To reverse that trend, just ask yourself, when you’re about to hire an expert: “Can I do this myself? What would it take to learn how? Would it be useful skill to know?” In the context of a fast-paced, high-tech life a “do-it-yourself” orientation might seem quaint, but most humans, throughout I history and on the planet today, are far more able than most of us to make and provide for themselves what they need for daily living—-and many experts think that we’ll be thrown back on our own resources increasingly in the coming decades.



The beautiful culture we live in.

Your Money or Your Life

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sunny day in dublin! #aussie #australianshepherd

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Here’s an amazing story about our incredible animal companions.  Willie knows when we are planning to go somewhere. He seems to know before we know!

This story about Max goes to show that even with all of the expensive diagnostic equipment and medical education, a dog’s nose is wiser and far more sensitive.  People simply do not give these creatures their proper respect.

from the bbc doc the secret life of dogs. really fantastic programme about how dogs ARE super heroes!

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101 Camping Tips

Here is a great list of tips that all campers/survivalist should keep in mind when going into the…

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