bastion and his favorite toy cat #aussie #australianshepherd

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#aussie #australianshepherd

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nice day in east bay #aussie #australianshepherd

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vet trip to surgically remove #foxtail, $$$. having bastion home and healing, priceless. foxtails are no joke kids, protect your furbabies! #aussie #australianshepherd

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It’s goat grazing time! Over 400 goats at the Bozeman Fish Technology Center in Montana are helping to control noxious weeds and manage brush overgrowth. 

The cooperative effort with partners, including the Montana Outdoor Science School and Friends of the Bozeman Fish Technology, will help reduce the presence of undesirable vegetation (without using chemical herbicides), assist with fire protection by reducing burnable plant biomass and promote the restoration of native plants. 

See all the photos and a super looking great pyrenees helper:

Photo: Goats at Bozeman Fish Technology Center. (Eli Cureton/USFWS)

Great post by DOI America’s Great Outdoors blog!  The BLM and other land management agencies use goats and sheep to reduce the presence of undesirable vegetation naturally, for fire prevention and habitat restoration.

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(via Weekend Cabin: Lake Joseph Boathouse, New York | adventure journal)

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no one likes rolling in grass as much as he does! #aussie #australianshepherd

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